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Targeting Isolation Resources
Led by Dr. Verena Menec (University of Manitoba) and Dr. Nancy Newall (Brandon University), Targeting Isolation provides practical research-based information that can be used to help understand and address social isolation and loneliness among older adults living in Manitoba.
Want to learn more about social isolation and loneliness?
1.     Watch TIMA explain social isolation and loneliness in a Five part Short
Video series:
2.     Download PDF handouts and documents

3.     *NEW* Sign up for e-modules:

Targeting Isolation has developed self-paced e-modules for healthcare workers and community volunteers/staff of organizations that serve older adults. These e-modules provide information on the health impacts of social isolation and loneliness, how to talk about social isolation and loneliness, how to look for signs, and how to refer older Manitobans to community services. E-modules take about 45 minutes to complete and participants obtain a certificate of completion. The healthcare provider e-module has been accredited for pharmacists through the Canadian Council on Continuing Education in Pharmacy (2.0 CEUs).

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