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Empowering Seniors to Live a Healthy and Active Lifestyle

At Killarney Services For Seniors, we are dedicated to helping seniors lead healthier and more active lives. We are fortunate to have local access to professionals who are committed to providing the best care and support possible. 

In the Upcoming Events section of this website you will find events and activities to help you maintain a social and healthy lifestyle as you age.

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Contact our office for more information or:

With Victoria Lifeline Medical Alert Service, you get fast, easy access to help 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. So you can continue to enjoy life in
the comfort of your own home - and have the freedom to go anywhere with 
confidence. Victoria Lifeline is recommended for people:
• at risk of falls
• with chronic conditions
• with mobility problems
• with visual impairments
• recovering after discharge from hospital


Killarney Services For Seniors is
your local contact for information and installation.

Subsidy program available to qualified individuals.

Handi Van.jpeg
Killarney Turtle Mountain Handi Van

Please contact our office if you are in need of temporary mobility assistance after surgery or injury. We have a number of aids available to assist you.

Information on Alzheimer's and Dementia

Videos and Books are available free for lending at the Lakeland Regional Library.


These resources are courtesy of a Killarney Foundation Grant
provided to Killarney Services For Seniors.

For local support and information

Christine Jefferies RN, BHScN
Westman Regional Coordinator

Alzheimer Society of Manitoba

Phone: 204-729-8320



A monthly opportunity for care partners to meet and share information about their experiences of caring for someone living with Dementia.

Please register by calling or Emailing Christine Jefferies, Westman Regional Coordinator (above)

Killarney Clinic.jpg

Killarney Health Clinic
86 Ellis Drive



Tri-Lake Health Centre (Hospital)
86 Ellis Drive


Killarney Pharmacy

Unit 7A Killarney Place Mall


Killarney Optometric Centre

405 Broadway Ave


Turtle Mountain Dental Group

405 Broadway Ave



Killarney Chiropractic

230 Broadway Ave


Speak to a doctor today - right from your home!


QDoc is a web-based platform that connects patients and local physicians for virtual appointments in real-time using unique proprietary software.


Using a custom call-out system, numerous physicians are notified of a patient in queue; the first physician to respond is connected with the patient directly via encrypted audio and video. 

QDoc is not a replacement for in-person care with your family physician, it is designed to work alongside your primary care provider to make sure that you receive appropriate care when you need it. Reasons to use QDoc include minor illnesses, requests for prescription refills and medical advice when your primary doctor is unavailable. 

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